6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Prize Bonds

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The advantages of buying prize bonds definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The investment is not only safe but also opens the door to earn huge prizes, depending upon your luck! Here are some reasons why you should invest in prize bonds. Check them out and then spare some money for the investment.

Very High Rate of Return for the lucky ones

Depending on the denomination of your prize bond, you can actually end up earning a huge amount if you get lucky. The first, second & third prizes are much greater than the initial investment and earning them can will help you fulfill a lot of your dreams.

Simple Process

Unlike most investments, buying a prize bond is a hassle free and easy process. You can get it from State Bank of Pakistan, National Saving Centers or any designated branches of banks. If you are looking for an even easier and convenient way out, you can purchase it from the secondary market through dealers and agents.

Cheapest Mode of Investment

It is one of the cheapest investment options available. You can buy your prize bond for as low as Rs.100. Depending on your budget, cash inflow and outflow, necessary expenses; you can plan your investment scheme as you want.

Highly Liquid Investment

This is yet another big advantage that prize bonds have over other options. A prize bond investment is very liquid; you can encash it with ease whenever you want.

Use as a Collateral

The advantages of prize bond investments are not just limited to these, but they can also be widely accepted and used as collateral against loans.

Principal Amount Remains Secure

No matter whether you win or don’t, your principal amount is going to be secure. It is also another way to save your money, as the prize bond is actually an equivalent of cash money.