Common Misconceptions about Health Insurance

Due to the limited awareness about insurance policies, especially health insurance schemes, many people have unanswered queries about this topic. There is not much knowledge given to the masses about the insurance policies.  The topic is complex yet simple to understand. Here are some common misconceptions about health insurance policies. They include:

Misconception#1: Your insurance policy is only good for major diseases

Your health insurance won’t only cover your hospitalization expenses but medical coverage provided by most insurance plans goes beyond that. The health insurance policies do not only benefit in times of dire needs such as treatment of a major disease, hospitalization etc., but other medical procedures like cataract or dental operations are also covered. Depending on the insurance policy, general checkups might also be covered.

Misconception#2: The insurance provider will only cover your individual needs

A lot of people avoid buying health insurance policies because they do believe only premium payers will be given coverage. However, the truth is that depending on the plan you buy, you can actually get your whole family covered for any given insurance plan.

Misconception#3: Drugs and medication expenses won’t be covered

In Pakistan, a lot of people are under the misconception that buying insurance policies won’t do any good, as they do not even cover the expenses for medications, drugs and injections. The reality is that there are a lot of insurance policies that actually offer the complete expense coverage of injections and medicines.

Misconception#4: It is risky to buy insurance policies online

Another common misconception about health insurance policy is that it is risky to buy it online. A lot of people in Pakistan still do not trust buying or selling anything online, let alone insurance policies. However, the reality is that it is not at all risky to buy insurance policy online. In fact, if anything, it can save you from a lot of hassle and botheration.

Misconception#5: Health insurance policies do not cover maternity expenses

If you want coverage for maternity expenses for yourself or your spouse, it is very important to be clear from the beginning about hospitalization costs, medications and other expenses. It is vital to ask full questions regarding maternity coverage before buying any insurance policy.

If you want to be completely sure about what you are getting, it is very important to do your research beforehand about all the health insurance policies in Pakistan. It is also important to ask your insurance provider directly all the questions and queries you may have in mind. It is also vital to be completely clear about what & how much coverage you will be getting.

Although there are a lot of misconceptions, the significance of health insurance policies cannot be highlighted enough, you can read more about the importance of buying health insurance by clicking here.