Guide to Obtaining Health Insurance in Pakistan

Have you finally made your mind about getting a health insurance? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide for obtaining the right health insurance in Pakistan? If your answer is yes for both the two questions, then you are on the right page! It is very important to be completely aware about the process of getting the right insurance plan for you and your family in Pakistan. Here’s a complete guide to whatever you need to know about this matter. Enjoy learning!

Make an Estimate as Per Your Budget & Financial Position

Depending on your monthly expenses, cash inflow and outflow and budget, you will be choosing your insurance policy. It is very important to select the right scheme as per your financial position. Depending on the plan, you might be required to pay the premium for a few years, and it is very important that the premium amount is easily manageable in your given budget.

Know How Your Demographical Data & Quality of Health Affects Plan

After you have understood and recognized your range well, it is also important to get your medical checkups. When purchasing a health insurance policy, you need to be clear about your health and lifestyle. Depending on the quality of your health, the diseases you have or are prone to have, your hereditary, your average family life span & specific conditions such as diabetes, heart problems or other, the premium might fluctuate.  Other than this, your age will also directly impact the premium you are going to pay for any given insurance plan. It is recommended to buy such schemes earlier in life as the older you get, the higher premium price you have to pay.

Choosing the Right Plan

Once you have decided the portion of your budget available for premium, got your medical check-ups done, it is time to choose the right plan. There are a number of options available by different insurance providers in Pakistan including IGI Insurance, Jubilee Life Insurance, Adamjee Insurance, EFU Insurance, StateLife and others. The factors that you need to keep in consideration before choosing the right plan include the total number of family members you have, expected maternity coverage you might need, your age and the age of those you want to get covered, health status, financial position and other specifications.

Gathering all the Necessary Documents

Once you have finalized the insurance plan you need, then it is necessary to gather all your documents. The basic documents that you need to provide include CNIC copy, monthly pay slip, medical certificate describing all the possible conditions you have and tax certificate.

Completion of Process

After all the required documents are available at your end, you can fill the forms of the insurance provider you want. Depending on the insurance provider that you choose, it might take some time until the process is completely scrutinized. Once your insurance plan is finalized, you will be asked by your insurance provider to pay the premium. An account manager is also assigned to each applicant who personally manages and handles all the queries and complaints.