Myths about travel insurance

While we may plan out our travelling with every precision and precaution so that each and every thing goes perfect, we tend to make several false assumptions. We are often disillusioned into believing that nothing can go wrong but what if it does? The idea of Travel insurance often pops up whenever we plan on travelling but we often ignore it because we assume that it is not worth it. Well here is a list of few myths based on which we might choose not to opt for travel insurance.

1. Travel Insurance is useless

We assume that travel insurance is not a need but a luxury which is not necessary and therefore can be avoided. Well imagine running into an accident abroad and having to pay a bill of $750. Had you taken the Travel insurance, your insurance company would have covered these $750 and you wouldn’t have to worry about any bills.

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2. All travel insurance packages are same

Insurance packages come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, there are standard packages but there are customized packages too which are flexible and made as per the traveler’s needs.

3. It is similar to Health insurance

Travel Insurance does include health insurance but there are several other elements too that make travel insurance an entirely different form of insurance. It includes unexpected events related to emergency returns, flight delays or cancellations, loss of checked in luggage etc.

4. Travel insurance is part of the Domestic Life insurance

Some of the life insurances do cover medical expenses during short trips to a foreign country but the coverage is limited up to a certain level. Domestic life insurance does not cover for additional features that travel insurance accounts for. Examples include trip cancellation, personal accidents or disabilities arising due to accidents abroad and others.

5. Loss of luggage or flight cancellation is covered by the respected company

This is a very huge misunderstanding on the traveler’s part to expect the loss coverage from the hotel which has been booked during the stay in the destination country. Also, one might have to still pay for the whole trip even after the cancellation of half of the trip because of the “Hotel’s policies”. As a result, travel insurance covers up for any cancellations or even delays in flight which is NOT reimbursed by the hotel or airline.

6. There will be no accidents so no risks

We can assume in a hypothetical situation that there will be no accidents hence there is no need for a travel insurance. This is wrong! Even if there is a very slight probability of having accidents, a rational person must account for it. And this risk can be mitigated by taking travel insurance that helps to reduce the adverse effects of any misfortunes.

7. Travel insurance can be taken once all other documentation is done

This is one of the biggest misconceptions amongst the travelers that they can apply for Travel insurance once everything is done. Attaining a Travel insurance does not happen in the blink of an eye. It has its own procedures and paperwork that takes some time. It is therefore recommended to apply for travel insurance even before Visa so that unnecessary delays are not made.


For Pakistani travelers, there are various companies like IGI Insurance, EFU Insurance and others that offer travel insurance packages. It has now become a must thing for the people travelling to countries like Schengen countries, Turkey, Indonesia to have a proof of the travel insurance along with other legal documents.