How to protect yourself from ATM theft?

Stay protected from ATM hacking in Pakistan

Every era has brought new inventions to the digital world and every new technology has come with its own pros and cons. Automated Teller Machines (ATM) were first introduced in Pakistan in 1987. They were made to bring ease and protection for its users in terms of easy money withdrawal without the hassle of going to the bank. Plus, users can pay their bills through a single card instead of carrying loads of cash in their pockets all the time.

However, with the evolving technology, even ATMs are not safe anymore. There is a rising issue of ATM hacking in Pakistan with a total of around Rs. 100 million been withdrawn by ATM thefts in the past few months.

ATM hacking occurs through a process called ATM skimming whereby ATM cards are copied and ATM pins are stolen. Different storage devices are used by hackers to transfer all the User’s ATM card data onto their own system and cameras might be fitted to record ATM pin.

Though the dreadful consequences can never be fully avoided, there are certain steps that can be taken as precautionary measures that can help reduce them.

1. Be cautious of extra devices

Before putting your card in the ATM, ensure that there are no extra devices attached to the machine or the system does not ask for any extra information. If you find any suspicious device attached to the ATM, avoid using the machine at all costs.

2. Hide your Pin

This might sound very lame but when you are entering your pin, make sure that you enter it with one hand while using the other as a cover over your first hand’s movement along the keypad. Also, look around for any devices such as cameras or scanners that might record your pin and increase chances of hacking. Once you are done with your transaction, try cleaning the keypad with a cloth or a tissue paper to avoid any finger print traces.

3. Take special care when using ATMs at public places

ATMs in malls, big stores, hospitals or restaurants are the most vulnerable places for hacking incidences to happen. Hence, you should totally avoid using ATMs at such places. However, in case if it is an absolute necessity then you should be extra vigilant of your surroundings and check if no one is too close while you are entering your Pin and withdrawing your money.