Travel Insurance Packages for Europe

Travelling in its essence is a form of therapy that can help reduce work stress to a great extent. Many people allocate a certain portion out of their budget especially for travelling because for them travelling for leisure provides a source of relaxation out of their busy work schedules and gives them a chance to make good memories with their family.

There are several different offerings made by various companies in Pakistan. While each offering is unique in its own way, most travel packages have the basic features including:

  • Delay of flights,
  • Trip cancellation,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Loss of important documents etc.

But some may offer additional features to make it more appealing and attractive. Here are the 4 best travel insurance packages for you.

1. EFU Travel Insurance

EFU is one of the best insurers in Pakistan with specialized travelling products. It offers a range packages including Standard, silver and Gold along with flexible rates for travelling anywhere in the world. The packages vary according to the number of days travelling and benefits as per the need of the traveler.

EFU travel insurance has the following additional elements:

  • Group discounts,
  • Flexible premiums per the traveller’s age,
  • Administrative surcharge of 5% with maximum RS. 3,000 etc.

Policy Summary Table:

2. Adamjee Travel Insurance

Adamjee Travel Insurance provides one of the most attractive packages exclusively for Schengen countries. Different packages include Elite, Bliss, Schengen Delight and Schengen basic. With an AA+ PACRA rating, Adamjee insurance offers a secured travelling with following additional features:

  • Direct Settlement of Medical Claims in Schengen States,
  • Worldwide Travel and Medical Assistance,
  • All Schengen insurance policies cover an amount of 30,000 Euros for any medical, hospitalization & repatriation costs during any single trip into the Schengen states,
  • Senior age extensions etc.

Policy Summary Table:

3. IGI Travel Insurance

IGI is the largest insurance company in terms of market capitalization. It has different packages that are Majestic+, Majestic, No icing, Imperial and Regal. Travel Sure provides an enhanced policy for Schengen states and all Worldwide destinations, covering up to US$ 100,000 for medical expenses abroad for both hospitalization and out-patient treatment.

It has the following unique features:

  • Accidental death coverage is 100%,
  • Coverage of disabilities due to accidents.
  • Senior Citizen’s plan to cater to various age groups etc.

Policy Summary Table:

4. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited has entered its sixty third year and for over six decades, it has been prominent for core values, namely; Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence and Passion. It offers Travel coverage in the form of two packages; Schengen compliant and Multi-Purpose under its International ViaCare Insurance Product range.

Jubilee insurance makes the following unique offering:

  • Schengen Compliant fulfils the Visa requirement of Schengen States by offering US$50,000 or equivalent cover for hospitalization and medical expenses.
  • Multi-Purpose offers travellers Insurance anywhere in the world except Schengen States by offering US$10,000 or equivalent cover for hospitalization and medical expenses.
  • 100% Limit for all Family Members in case of Medical Expense and Hospitalization.
  • 50% Limit for spouse and 25% for children in case of Accidental Death & Permanent Disability.
  • A charge of 4% additional withholding tax in case of non-filers.

Policy Summary Table:

5. Askari General Insurance

Askari General Insurance is one of the leading companies of Army Welfare Trust. Rated as AA- by both PACRA and JCR-VIS, AGICO was awarded the “Best Management Practices” award by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) at the 28th Corporate Excellence Awards due to its excellent professional standards. It offers Travel Insurance via AGICO’s AskTravel product with Economy, Schengen, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

Policy summary table:


People have now become more aware of the need of Travel insurance mainly because of the increased uncertainty during international travel and therefore, they look for a complete package that offers a one stop travel solution. Different companies like EFU Insurance, IGI insurance, Askari General Insurance provide different levels of coverage for unexpected events as per the client’s need. Nevertheless, customized packages are also available that factors the client’s needs into the insurance package.