Umrah for All – What are the best packages to buy?

For Muslims all over the world, the holy cities of Makkah al Mukarramah and Madinah al Munawwarah hold immense significance and reverence. Every Muslim- male or female, young or old, desires to visit these locations to worship and experience first-hand cities that have 1400 years of history behind them.

Whether you sit in the mata’af of the Kaaba or under the umbrellas of the Holy Prophet (SAWW)’s mosque, Masjid-e- Nabawi’s peaceful, serene and the soothing atmosphere will leave you content and satisfied. The worship and the feeling of brotherhood and unity in our religion is nowhere else felt more strongly.

Every year, thousands of devout Muslims from all over Pakistan similarly visit the country. However, just before any trip you plan, it is necessary to ensure everything is in its place. From flight details to hotel rooms, the more organised and well thought out your journey is, the lesser problems you are likely to face.

With the growing inflation and costs at the center of many people’s trips, it is extremely important to plan ahead in terms of monetary expenditure that will be required. Most people are unable to take advantage of the many cost effective and affordable Umrah packages because they simply are not aware of their existence.

This article helps you with just that. The following Umrah packages have been compiled on the basis of duration of stay, hotel names and bookings, itinerary, and cost. These are some of the factors most people, when deciding to go for an Umrah, ponder upon. Based on a total of 10 packages from 3 travel companies in Pakistan, they are a representative of some of the best options available for people going for Umrah.

Rehman Group of Travels

They have been providing hajj and Umrah travel facilities and arrangements for over 2 decades. Based on the different appeals of different consumers, they have a variety of packages:

  1. 9 Nights/ 10 Days 5 Star Executive Umrah Package

The package includes:

  • 5 nights in the luxurious Movenpick Hajar Tower in Makkah- includes breakfast
  • 4 nights in the deluxe Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel in Madinah- including breakfast

The package includes breakfast and provide lunch and dinner services on demand. The biggest advantage is the proximity of the hotels from both masjids that brings convenience. The WIFI facilities are free to use. There are separate rooms for families and provisions for disabled guests.

  • Umrah Visa (Requirements for Visa Processing: Original passport, Copy of ID Card and photographs)
  • Private Air-Conditioned Luxury Transport
  • Ziyarat of the most renowned places in Islamic History on demand. The ziyarat includes:


  • Masjid Al Haram
  • Masjid Aisha- it is the second largest Mosque in Makkah and all pilgrims are required to make their Umrah intention from there
  • Jabal Al-Rahma
  • Jannat Al-Mualla which is a Cemetery in Makkah
  • Jabal Nur the famous Mountain on which the Cave of Hira is located
  • Ghar-e- Hira


  • Masjid-e-Quba
  • Masjid E Juma
  • Jannat Ul Baqi
  • Masjid e Qiblatain
  • Wadi e jinn


The package does not include air ticket cost.

  1. 8 Nights/9 Days 4 Star Umrah Package

The package includes:

  • 4 nights in Azka Al Safwa in Makkah
  • 4 nights in Jewar Al Saqeefa in Madinah

The advantage is that these hotels are close to both masjids. The WIFI facilities are free to use. There are separate rooms for families and provisions for disabled guests.

  • Umrah Visa (Requirements for Visa Processing: Original passport, Copy of ID Card and photographs)
  • Private Transport from Airport to Hotel

The ziyarat services, similar to the previous package, will be available on demand.


  1. Economy Package

The economy packages provide opportunities for people with a tighter budget to be able to afford a comfortable journey. The hotels provided in the package are usually 300-400 meters away from the masjid.

The package includes:

  • Umrah Visa
  • Shared Transportation
  • Accommodation as per package. The accommodation in these packages are further from the masjids and in some cases, a shuttle service is provided.

An example of the many packages available in this category and the related costs is shown below:

Flight Connection – Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd

Being in business since 2012, Flight connection has served over 5000 clients and has its reach all over Pakistan.

  1. Five Star Platinum Umrah Package

The hotels for these exclusive packages include the luxurious Conard, Hilton or Fairmont Hotels in Makkah and Dar Al Taqwa, Shaza Or Anwar Ul Madinah Movenpick Hotel in Madinah. All of these hotels have an impeccable service standards and will ensure an utmost relaxing experience. In addition, the various facilities available at the hotels- such as malls, restaurants and gyms may also be used as desired.


  • This package does not include air tickets
  • Transportation (JED – MAK – MED – MAK – JED only) is available through buses
  • PKR 8,000 will be charged for children without bed.
  • Infant charges are PKR 8,000.
  1. Three Star Umrah Packages

These packages include hotels a little further away from the main masjids. The hotels usually provided to pilgrims who choose this package are  Areej Alfalah or Nawarat Ul Shams in Makkah and Mubarak Madinah, Ansar Shourfa or Mukhtara International Hotel in Madinah.

  • This package does not include air tickets
  • Transportation (JED – MAK – MED – MAK – JED only) is available thorugh buses
  • PKR 8,000 will be charged for children without bed.
  • Infant charges are PKR 8,000.

3. Budget Economy Packages

These include a number of packages for families and individuals looking for an economical trip. The difference is mainly between the distance of the masjid from the accommodation.

The hotels provided to pilgrims who opt for this package are Dar Ayman Sindi in Makkah, which is 300 Meter from Haram (Mosque) and Wahat Al Makarem in Madinah, which is 220-250 Meters from Haram (Masjid al Nabawi)

Travel & Culture- Tours Safaris & Hotels

The company operates from Karachi and Lahore and offers Hajj and Umrah services all over Pakistan and also to non- resident Pakistanis.

  1. 5 Star Super Deluxe Umrah VVIP Umrah Packages

These packages are especially tailored for busy executives who are looking for comfort and a hassle-free Umrah experience. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in Dar Al Tawhid Intercon Hotel in Makkah and Dar al Taqwa or Dar al Eiman Hotel in Madinah. Both these hotels are 5 star with outstanding rooms, services and other facilities.
  • Package also includes all meals
  • Private transport from Jeddah Airport to Makkah and from Makkah to Madinah and back
  • Medical charges
  • Visa for Umrah

Package does not include:

  • Cost of Tickets
  • Food apart from the hotel meals
  • Insurance


  1. 4 star Umrah Package

These packages suit families who wish to have high comfort levels and is especially good for senior citizens due to close proximity of hotel from the Masjid.

Hotels include Dar al Elman in Makkah and Jewar Al Saqeefa in Madinah

The package includes:

  • One-way private transport
  • Visa Arrangements
  • Medical Cards
  • Hotel Bookings


The cost of the package starts from PKR 51,890 per person and allows triple occupancy. It does not include air fare.

  1. Short Umrah Package

These packages are unique for individuals who are not looking for a longer stay and wish to complete their Umrah with ease and comfort in a short time.


Such packages are usually 3 days in Makkah.


The cost per person starts from PKR 58,988.

Cost includes:

  • Hotels on double occupancy and breakfast
  • Private air-conditioned transport
  • Medical Charges
  • Visa Arrangements

The package does not include air fare.

  1. 2 Star Umrah Package

These are economical packages for families whose sole focus is to get affordable rates. The hotels provided in this package are usually at a distance of 200-400 meters from the Masjid.


Cost includes:

  • Saudi Visa Fee
  • Accommodation without meals
  • Jeddah to Makkah transport
  • Medical Charges

The package does not include air fare.


Pakistan’s travel agencies have really come up with the unique mix packages for their customers. No matter which package you select, the different travel companies operating in the country, have already ensured individuals with different needs are catered to. So, when are you planning your next trip?