Unconventional Forms of Investment

To earn maximum profit return, it is very important to be careful with investing your money. Considering the rigid market trends and competitiveness, sometimes it is best to try something novel and different from market. The unconventional forms of investment can help in earning huge returns, if you know how to spend it in the right way.

Some of the most popular unconventional forms of investments include:

1.     Careem, Uber and URide

In recent past, Careem, Uber and Uride have been extremely popular. Investing in Careem, Uber and Uride is one of most trending choice to earn some additional income these days. The investment is flexible and you can choose to do it yourself or get it driven by someone else. All you need to do is to spare a separate car, whether by purchasing or leasing it from bank dedicated for this purpose alone.

Whether it is Careem or Uber, the process to sign up is quite similar. You need to submit the identification documents, including CNIC, car registration document, character certificate which needs to be verified by the police. After documents are accepted, you need to go for through training procedures which include briefings on delivering superior customer service, carrying a professional attitude and other sensitive topics like sexual harassment, frauds and safety management.

2.     Investing in an ICO- Initial Coin Offering

If you have been actively searching for investment options, then you must have come across initial coin offerings. An ICO or initial coin offering is a method to generate money and investments to finance any upcoming project or venture. In ICO, you can buy coupons to sell them at a higher price at a date in future.

The Initial Coin Offering or ICO is usually offered by start-up and small ventures to generate the funds to manage capital. You can begin by investing.

3.     Investing in Crypto Currency

If you are looking for an alternative investment, definitely go for a crypto. There are quite a few ways you can buy and sell in Pakistan. The buy and sell of these currency works similar to that of gold, shares and other open markets. It is not a centralized commodity and the price is dependent on the supply and demand, hence it constantly fluctuates.

You can get bitcoins from www.localbitcoins.com, www.bitcoinpk.com www.urdubit.com, Mycelium app by paying through your credit card.

4.     Partnerships with SMEs

If your budget allows, you can also invest in new ventures and start-ups. Business partnerships, especially with small and medium enterprises are one great way to earn some profits. However, there is also a huge risk involved as well. If you possess a thick budget as well as a high-risk appetite, spending in start-ups is definitely the best option to go for!

5.     Commodities

You can buy and sell current or future commodities which are offered by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX). This buying and selling of commodities is done on international scale and changing economic and political conditions of the world affect it. It is a great investment options, however it is still in initial investment. You can buy and sell commodities online using Meta Trade 5, on your computer and smartphones.