Privacy Policy

Below is the privacy policy that we follow at our website. Some of the key pointers here include:

Right to Use Information

Any information provided by the user including name, gender, address or anything else provided by you will be updated on the system in our website. The information is not shared with any other resources. The information helps us to categorize your profile according to the specific demographic data you present.

However, under no circumstances, the information is delivered or transferred to any third party.

Cookies Used by & Third Parties

Cookies are used to understand the online behavior of visitors and users. They are sent to the computers/smartphones and other devices to comprehend your interests. The information is then used to keep the visitors updated about the things they are interested in. The cookies are also used by third party vendors including Google, Bing and other search engines to ensure you get the right results as per your specific demographic & psychographic data.

Security Measures

The required security measures are taken by to ensure the protection of data and information provided by our visitors.