Chapter 3

Benefits of investing in Careem and Uber

There are many advantages of using Careem or Uber as a source of earning. Some of the most common benefits include:

☒ Drive on a part time basis - If you are employed elsewhere and would like to earn some extra cash you can drive Careem or Uber on a part time basis.

☒ An investor taking the initiative of hiring a full time driver can earn a decent amount of income on a monthly basis (see quantitative analysis).

☒ Flexible working hours – bored of working 9am to 5pm? Don’t fancy waking up in the morning? Need to take few hours off from work? No problem. With Careem and Uber you can work on a flexible hour basis. You can either choose to work during the morning, peak hours or simply during the night when few drivers are willing to drive. Moreover, if you are fatigued from work, you can simply go offline for a while and start taking rides whenever you are ready.

☒ Good investment for retirees– retirees having a nominal amount of saving can take advantage of this low-risk investment opportunity. All you have to do is buy a car and if required, hire a chauffeur to drive it for you. Frequent Careem and Uber customers would have most likely encountered several retirees who drive on a part time basis.

☒ Be your own boss – tired of working for someone else? Careem and Uber offer you a low cost alternative of earning a decent living by not having to work for someone else.

Benefits of investing

Flexible working hours
Work on a part-time basis
Decent amount of monthly income
Good investment for retirees
Be your own boss