Raising money by issuing prize bonds is one of the main ways through which the government of Pakistan receives the required funds to fill its budget gap. The primary goal of this book is to explain the mechanism of this financial instrument in some depth and provide the necessary information to investors looking to put their savings in these instruments.

Why we wrote this Guide?
What are Prize Bonds?

If you have a fluctuating income and are looking for a flexible mode of saving, investing and earning money at the same time, there is no better choice than a prize bond. Prize Bond is a highly liquid financial instrument that allows you to turn your investment quickly into cash. Depending on your need and willingness, investments in Prize bonds can be made for as low as Rs. 100 up to Rs. 40,000.This is one of the several ways that can help you to manage and control your finances efficiently. Further, you never really lose your principal amount! Although it is a great way to secure your money, the process of buying, winning and encashing prize bonds is not well-understood by the masses. This is where this guide comes in! The information provided here presents an absolute and complete knowledge to even those who are completely new to the concept of prize bonds. To make it more comprehensible for a Layman, financial jargons have been replaced with regular everyday words.

Who this guide is for?

This E-book provides a comprehensive guide for all those interested in investing in prize bonds. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced personnel who wish to advance their knowledge. Whether you are an individual, a financial analyst, broker, independent consultant, SME owner or a corporate giant, additional knowledge about prize bonds will help you to channelize funds in the best way possible.

How much of this guide should we read?

To make it easier for the readers, this guide is divided chapter by chapter. Every new chapter consists of topics followed by the previous ones. Individuals, depending on their level of awareness about prize bonds, can choose to study from the chapter they want. However, reading from the beginning will help you in comprehending prize bonds & maximizing your chances to increase ROI. This guide provides a holistic view with everything related to prize bonds.

Chapter 1

Just like money, Prize bonds are bearer instruments for investment. This means that the holder is the owner. They are issued by the Ministry of Financeto motivate citizens to invest & earn big prizes. There are two types of Prize Bonds: Basic and Premium.This section covers the Basic Prize Bonds.

Chapter 2

An important element of Prize Bond is winning a prize. It is important to understand the schedule of draws and also the process of encashment, if you win a prize.

Chapter 3
The Security Features for Prize Bonds

As prize bond is a bearer instrument and works like cash, there is a possibility of fake printing the Prize Bond. In order to avoid chances of fraud, the Government has introduced several built-in security features. This chapter highlights these important features that individuals can use to identify fake bonds.

Chapter 4

Premium Prize Bonds are registered Prize Bonds. They are currently offered at a denomination Rs.40, 000; however, the government has plans of launching a denomination of Rs. 100,000 as well. They work differently and independently from basic bonds as they offer few additional features. This chapter covers the primary definition and features of a Premium Prize bond.

Chapter 5

Apart from the availability of prize bonds in State Bank, National Saving centres and designated branches of commercial banks, these bonds are also traded in the secondary market. This chapter elaborates on how the secondary market works, along with their advantages, and a future outlook as per Pakistan’s perspective.

Chapter 6
prize bond virtual vault

Prize Bond Virtual Vault is an application through which you can enter the list of series of bonds you own. Once this is done you can easily check your winnings with a click of a button.

Virtual vault also provides Prize Bond draw schedules online. This application is accessible, easy to use & convenient. Some of the steps required to check a particular draw include: