There is no doubt about the fairness and transparency of prize bond draws as they are also open for general public to attend. The process is held by a committee designated by CDNS.

The common misconception is that all the big prizes go to big investors. There is no discrimination between types of investors. However, the big investors invest in a larger number of bonds and thus the probability for winning increases for them.


Anyone can attend the prize bond draw ceremony after showing their original CNIC.

Once official draw is held, you can find the draw list on SBP BSC & CDNS website.

In case the prize bond is defective, the following steps will be taken for encashment. Those include:

  • Fill out the application form for recovery of bond value.

The mutilated bonds will be passed by designated officer at SBP BSC on the day of payment. Depending on the conditions, it might take up to three working days.

All the information related to draw schedules is available on field offices, official Kalpoint.com website.

The tax calculation on Prize Bonds consists of following deductions:

  • 10% withholding tax is subtracted from prize money.
  • Following that, a 15% surcharge on withholding tax on National Savings Schemes is applied on the remaining amount.

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