Kalpoint.com – a finance platform for the people of Pakistan

Kalpoint.com is a leading finance website focusing on providing financial and investment advisory services to individuals in Pakistan. With over 20 years of experience in operating on several different arenas, Kalpoint recently decided to rebrand itself as an all finance website, with the objective of becoming a financial hub in Pakistan’s market.
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Kalpoint covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to Prize Bonds, Mutual Funds, Forex, Gold rate analysis etc. Its primary product, the Virtual Vault, is the first online platform that allows users to check their prize bond draw results, held within Pakistan. Prize bond draw list(s) are uploaded within a matter of hours after the results are announced, and users can check their results instantly without any hassle.
Apart from that, Kalpoint prides itself as one of the leading platforms that serves as a personal financial advisor for the masses. Common individuals, residing in Pakistan, with limited knowledge in the fields of finance and investment can easily read and understand different investment alternatives that would not only enable them to preserve their wealth, but also allow them to earn a reasonable return on their investments. In simple terms, we at Kalpoint act as financial analysts, analyze several different investment alternatives, and simplify the best ones in easy to understand language.
These investment alternatives are then depicted in several different ways including blog posts and interesting short videos. For instance, several different videos explaining different types of Prize Bonds, Prize Bond draw lists and the winning mechanism, have been uploaded that explain these complicated topics in an extremely interesting manner.
Thus, Kalpoint continues to embark in its journey of becoming a finance hub, with the aim of guiding people of Pakistan towards making sound financial decisions. We at Kalpoint don’t just put forward a finance idea, we mold you into a finance person!