Pakistan Stock Market

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How often do you hear that Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 index has gone up 100 basis points? What does it actually mean? In simple terms, KSE 100 is an index that takes into account the stock prices of top 100 firms in Pakistan and divides the sum of their prices by 1000.

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So, the next time you hear that KSE 100 has gone up or down, do keep in mind that the stock prices of some of the top firms in Pakistan has increased or decreased.
Kalpoint’s new section is dedicated to themes related to Pakistan’s stock market. Basic articles dedicated to simple mechanics of the stock market are first introduced to provide individuals with some knowledge regarding stocks in Pakistan. Once users are more acquainted with the subject material at hand, more sophisticated articles related to the stock market in Pakistan are introduced that take the reader to the next level, regarding the understanding of stocks and the stock market.
Kalpoint also aims at providing the viewers with related videos that regularly provides them with updates regarding the stock market of Pakistan. Any significant event such as major regulatory changes in the stock market, macro-economic shocks leading to a direct impact on the prices of shares, and the like are presented in an effective manner that makes it interesting for the users.
If you are looking towards investing in the stock market or would like to be regularly updated regarding the events that may have positive or negative effects on stocks, make a pit stop and check out our videos and blogs regarding the Pakistan’s stocks and the stock market.