Pakistan’s first online platform for Prize Bonds

KaliaGroup is a renowned dealer of Pakistan’s Prize Bonds in the secondary market. Its business model revolves around buying, selling and maintaining Prize Bonds for its clients. Recently Kalpoint, an all finance website operated by KaliaGroup, launched the virtual vault, Pakistan’s first online platform that allows users to check their prize bond results.

So, what exactly is the Virtual Vault? Virtual Vault is basically a multi-facetted platform that allows users to perform multiple tasks regarding the prize bonds that they have purchased. For instance, users can carry out the following tasks:
• Add, edit and delete their prize bond numbers
• View the results of the latest prize bond draw in a timely manner
• Check previous prize bond draw results
• Checkout when and where the next draw will be held
Before the invent of the Virtual Vault, holders of the Bonds would have to wait at least a day in order to view their results from a newspaper or other print media. With the introduction of the Virtual Vault, results of the prize bond draw are uploaded almost instantly, and holders can check their results within a matter of hours.
Holders of Pakistan’s Prize Bonds can check their results easily and conveniently by simply following a few simple steps:
1) Visit and click on the virtual vault section
2) Create an account by entering a few of their details
3) A verification link will be sent to their emails
4) Once the user verifies his/her credentials, they will be able to take advantage of all the features of the Virtual Vault
Thus, Virtual Vault has revolutionized the way Pakistan’s Prize Bond holders view their results. However, it should be noted that Kalpoint aims at improving the features of the Virtual Vault to make it more consumer friendly and in line with the needs of its primary target market.
Stay tuned Bondholder, you do not want to miss out on the next big thing on the Virtual Vault!

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